…to my first scan of this IVF… With only one more clomid to chomp, I feel like I should be studying for an exam but I am flagrantly ignoring that fact by laying by the pool tanning my legs… Weird I know, but I still think I should be feeling something, anything at all, but nada, nothing at all… *sigh* only time will tell I guess… tick, tock, tick, tock…

I had my first appointment with Dr Debbie the wonder acupuncturist last night, and it went really well.  Not only did my tummy go nice and red during the treatment (according to her a very good thing) I was as itchy as all hell afterwards (also a good thing apparantly).  When she made me visualise the colours I really did not find it that hard at all, the orange traveled from the needles in my tummy up my spine and out my mouth – out with the bad, in with the good, then move onto blue for my messed up post nasal drip – what the hell why am I imagining purple?  And now green and yellow?  Oooi peloi… haha, not a bad thing either to imagine other colours – purple = creativity and imagination, green is my heart chakra and yellow was for the area just above my pelvic area…. Not to shabby Nigel!  So, now I wait for the scan tomorrow to see when I can/should expect my egg retrieval and then the day before I need to see Dr Debbie again to visualise my colours and my uterus accepting my embies for a long long stay…

Ho hum, how many more hours till tomorrow morning?


3 thoughts on “Countdown…

  1. Things are moving a long beautifully. I expected the Clomid monster to bite me in the ass, but never did. I am usually in this sureal state of wowness on Clomid.

    Good Luck


  2. So glad I not the only one that visulised other colours instead of the colours Dr Debbie said! I could not visulise the colour orange… sort of forgot what orange looked like! hahaha


  3. Nix – clomid is a strange animal, but better to be on a cloud than have the monster appear while on it in my opinion 😉

    Charne – I think it is quite common to imagine other colours, it takes some practice to get the visualisation right from what I understand… I like colours – they are pretty so the more the better I think 🙂


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