New Look Lounge

Now that the picture uploader thingi is working again, I can show you the pictures of the new lounge look and the fabulous carpet 🙂

Now I know that the back of the couch across the room looks a bit off and we are working on that – I am looking for a really nice Japanese wooden room divider to hide that, and the wall on the left needs four really nice mirrors or a divine painting or something, but all in all the new look is growing on me…

Any other suggestions as to how we can “hide” the back of the couch are welcome 🙂

Oh, and what do you chaps think of our carpet?


8 thoughts on “New Look Lounge

  1. JJ stole my comment about the dogs bum! The room looks lovely and I think a Japenese divider will do the trick perfectly.

    Good news too on the green light for IVF go!! I’m holding on tight for the ride.


  2. Thanks ladies, comments are much appreciated. Hehe, I did not even realise that the hound had her ass in the photo until JJ and Bee Cee pointed it out – little tart of a dawg 😉


  3. Hahaha!!! I thought it was a kitty!! Lounge looks awesome! Love the new carpet. Wishing you all the best on your IVF hon. You sound just like me! It’s not that I’m impatient, it’s just that I’m so unsure about everything and that makes me impatient. Didn’t go down so lekka with my previosu FS hehe, old fart that he is.

    I’ve got butterflies in my tummy for you!!


  4. Ha, ha!…Like Cliff, I would say I like you better than the carpet, but the carpet is lovely too!

    One day when I’m all grow up and have a house you can swing a cat in (as opposed to my hanger in the sky, doubling as 2 offices with serious storage issues) I will put a magazine/recipe book shelf unit at the back of my couch, u know, those flat bookshelves that look like the new flat screen entertainment units.

    But if you get hold of a really funky room divider that will work just as well!


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