All Systems Go!

I have been driving myself NUTS this week. 

Firstly I was probably the most impatient patient that my lovely doc has ever treated in his lifetime of doctoring, with panicked emails and everything.  The thing about having PCOS, is one never knows when you are going to have a visit from Flo, sometimes she turns up and sometimes she completely misses the boat and forgets about you for months on end… so when you are on a schedule and are expecting her cos she was nicely invited with all the bells and whistles, you tend to be a bit obsessive about her appearance.  Well at least I was.  So when on Monday afternoon I had large amounts of dark sludge leaving my body, I emailed the doc… shortly after that email I went to the loo and passed a HUGE clot and bled bright red – did that mean that monday was day 1?  Quick email back to doc to update him on the emmitance from the body.  Got email from doc on Tuesday, to say that I should consider that day 1 and Wednesday day 2… which is all good and well except that Flo had decided to go back to odd bright red and brown spotting… All I could think of at that stage was “kill me now”… Popped another email to the doc… Eish, what a nutty nut I was. 

So after all this analysis and intel, it was decided that Wedneday would be day 2 after all, so off I toodled to the clinic before sparrows fart to have CD 2 scan and bloods.  At this stage Flo had really decided to mess with my mind and had decided to flow well and true (so did that make Wednesday CD 1???) anyhow, the scan showed a lining aka Kate Moss – it was super thin and the lovely Dr gave me the all clear to get the IVF on the road.  I cannot explain the feeling, it was like relief, excitement, nervousness, elation all rolled into one, it made my inside all wobbly and I was in a rude awakening situation – Crikey Moses!  This is actually happening dudes!

Tomorrow I take my first clomid as well as the first in a course of antibiotics to make sure I am germ free (Cliff gets to take the antibiotics too) which is just as well as I woke up this morning with the sniffles and a little bit of a sore throat… Lets hope that the antibiotics kill that darstardly little germ fest as well…

Expect updates from either Sam as you know her or from the clomid monster in the next few days…

Buckle up friends, it ‘s going to be one hell of a ride!


2 thoughts on “All Systems Go!

  1. YIPEE!! so happy that its all systems go and that you have started the stim meds!

    as for the clomid monster, I IS SCARED 🙂

    Take care of yourself, and good luck for this round…

    keeping you in my thoughts



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