New Carpet = NLL*

On our really relaxed long weekend, we finally went carpet shopping on Saturday, and despite my warnings to Cliff to not expect us to come home with anything on our first real expidition into the world of rugs and carpets (my gosh where on earth do some of those hideous things come from?), we came home with a very nice carpet indeed…

The only thing was that when we laid it down, it did not quite go with the way we initially had our lounge set up.  Crisis!  What does one do in this situation?  Well if you are Cliff and Sam you figure out new ways of setting up your lounge of course.  Frist we tried to put our TV cabinet into a corner at an angle – not a good look Stanley, so then we decided to swing the entire room around… It is taking some getting used to…  

* New Lounge Look

On the IVF front, waiting for Flo to arrive so that I can officially go for CD2 scan and bloods – come on Florine!!!


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