Stupid wordpress!!!!!  Is anyone else having a problem when trying to load an image and the image insert window thingi pops up half hidden by your taskbar at the bottom of the screen and no matter what you do to try and move it up it won’t and you end up getting so frustrated you want to throw your laptop off the couch and into the gas heater?  Anyone figured out how to fix this stupid thing?  (Or the stupid person supposedly controlling the darn thing?)


5 thoughts on “Aaaarrrggghhhh!

  1. Thanks for the tips M, but the F11 thingi did not work – think I might have to download firefox after all – dammit!

    Tam – how does it resolve itself? Does it come right on it’s own? Nobody is getting back to me on the support forum (more frustration!!!) Last BCP done and dusted on Sunday – now just waiting for Flo to come and visit – best she hurries up!!!


  2. Nope unfortunately it comes and goes. I find it better at home but doesn’t seem to like me at work!

    Those support forums drive me dilly, no-one ever really helps and you keep on going back and forth!! :-/


  3. Oh! I thought it was just ME. I was going in sane a few days ago (on May 1, to be exact) when I was trying to insert a picture and had the little window come up way too far down on the page. I’m so stubborn that I just couldn’t stop trying even though it was useless: crazy-making! I could finally insert the picture, but I don’t exactly know how I did it. It’s been working lately, but I’m wondering if it happened because changed a bunch of things recently.


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