I am supremely annoyed with myself that I did not think of taking today and tomorrow off as annual leave with the end result of having 9 days running holiday time… but I guess it is no use crying over spilt milk and that I must get through the next two supremely boring days at work without too much grumbling…

Only 5 more days on birth control!  I am excited, nervous, shaking with anticipation, nauseated, thrilled all at the same time – lets just hope that Aunty Flo plays along and visits me on Monday next week… then I strap myself in for the thrill ride of the month… *breathe* *in with the good out with the bad* *breathe* 🙂

We need to buy a carpet for our lounge, the only thing is that this means that we have to go shopping for said carpet.  Spot the mistake – I am totally NOT in the mood and as many of you know once my hubby has a bee in his bonnet he will not shut the hell up about it until said bee is well and truly killed with a  shotgun will not stop until mission is accomplished.  Any suggestions on good carpet buying places that will not cause us to go bankrupt? (saw a divine persian for only thirty eight thousand ront that I quite liked!!!)

My cousin the professional photographer has agreed to give me and a friend photography lessons in exchange for me giving his girlfriend ceramics lessons… good news no?  Except I am not 100% sure that I am AT ALL qualified to be giving anyone ceramics lessons…. Guess we’ll see how it goes once we start hey?

We’re having a nice picnic with mates at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens on Thursday to celebrate Workers Day… Can’t wait!  Pray the sun shines – pics to follow on Friday (I hope)

Right, so actually need to get some work done, and need to get me some salt & vinegar popcorn, so later dudes and dudettes!


3 thoughts on “Ramblings…

  1. Ooh photographic lessons…how fab. I want to do some when nightschool starts in September.

    Good luck on the carpet hunting front, I knw a few great places but it might cost you a lot to come to the UK to look at them!

    P.S Did you get to the bottom of the breakthrough bleed problem?


  2. Hey Bee Cee – yeah and the bonus is that I won’t have to pay for them – not really 🙂 How cool is that? Erm, would love to come to the UK to look at carpets but think that might also be a tad out of my budget 😉 still no idea what is causing (yes still happening) the break thru bleeds but only have 4 more BCP to go so am not worrying too much about it, I just hope that after all the break through bleeding, I still have a “proper” bleed to kick start the cycle… One knows what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men right? Hohum!


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