Break Thru Bleed

I only have 8 days left of down regulation left, I just cannot believe how quickly time is flying now that we are actually moving forward with IVF # 1.

I was just wondering though if anyone else experienced constant spotting and break through bleeds while on down regulation?  My doc is not concerned and feels that this is not going to effect the IVF process at all but I still have a little niggly feeling about it.  It is not heavy bleeding, just spotting and mostly when I wipe only (sorry TMI) but is still at the back of my mind freaking me out a bit…

Words of wisdome anyone?


4 thoughts on “Break Thru Bleed

  1. Time is closing in on us…exciting stuff…

    I don’t think you should be worried about the breakthrough bleeding, the important part is that your ovaries are quiet. When you stop the BCP you will shed propperly. If not, Dr. V will most definitely make a plan by giving you provera or whatever is needed, but I doubt that you will have to go there.

    You and I both know that you are in the best possible hands. Sit back relax and try and enjoy the ride. Not that being poked full of holes is at all enjoyable, but the prospect of the possible result is…

    Hang in there my friend! Keep the faith!

    I’m flying back 3rd of May


  2. it hasn’t happened to me but I have heard of it before. i think I’d ask the hospital and see what they think. Hopefully it’s nothing to be worried about, sound like it.

    Can’t believe you are nearly at the nitty gritty stage! Yikes!


  3. Hey Chicken,

    I had no breakthrough bleed on BCP but my protocol was different to yours, by now I had started Lucrin. I have heard of a breakthrough bleed, spotting while on BCP (gearing up for IVF) and I really don’t think that it’s something that you need to worry about.

    You’ll have a real breakthrough bleed once you stop BCP, you shouldn’t need provera at all. I only had two days of bleeding and two days of spotting, not like a normal AF at all which is normal because the BCP should be keeping that lining nice and thin for now!

    I think it’s normal to have that niggly feeling with IVF, it’s a big thing you’re doing! You’ll see, once you start stimms, time will just fly by and you’ll have those embies back in you before you know it!

    Happy belated anniversary sweetie – Lovely wedding pics by the way!

    Big hugs xxx


  4. Thanks ladies, Dr V told me not to worry about it but you know us infertiles – sometimes our minds just can’t take “Don’t worry” for an answer.

    Your support means a lot! Love you guys!!!


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