Baby Making Recipe 101


  • BCP x 21
  • Clomid x 5
  • Menopur – as required
  • Cetrotide – as required
  • Progesterone – as required
  • Estrogen – as required
  • Follicles / Eggs – aka in recipe as lumps
  • Sperm – as much as possible – all healthy and strong swimmers


Take BCP pills for 21 days to down regulate ovaries and bring on AF.  Mix CD 2 scan and bloodwork together. Combine clomid into the mixture from CD 3 – 8 to gently stimulate quiet ovaries. Rescan on CD 9.  Fold in combination of menopur and cetrotride from day 9 – 14 with daily scans and bloodwork – mix methodically but do best to create good quality lumps. 

Dependant on the texture of the mixture and any lumps created, add addtional ingredients if necessary to thicken the batter.  Once batter is just right, remove any lumps from the liquid mixture.  Put lumps and sperm in a seperate dish and toast them for 3 days.  Transfer to ready heated oven for baking.  Fold in estrogen and progesterone to keep oven ready and heated. 

Extract blood from oven in 14 days time to confirm successful baking.

Voila!  That is the easy peasy, conservative, non overstimulating baby making recipe 101 for The Clam.


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