This morning I woke up in…


Crikey Moses it is FREEZING in Johannesburg today!!!  I knew it was going to be cold cos yesterday was kinda a prelude to what we were expecting for today, but man alive!  Winter has not crept up on us, it has run full bull into us screaming and shouting.  Miserable grey skies, with a bit of rain and freezing cold wind… Yep, today I woke up in London….

Need to be on my way to the clinic shortly for my appointment with the IVF co-ordinator and to have my office hysteroscopy to check my insides, the only thing is that I am still spotting slightly and I am not sure that they will be able to go ahead with the scope after all.  Popped my FS an email checking with him but have not heard from him yet… *must not get into a state of stress, must not get into a state of stress*

Update on the to be or not to be office hysteroscopy to follow later! From “London” nogall 😉

This post was supposed to be published at 09h30 this am, but my network at work was not willing to get it into blogland, hence the confusion in times etc….


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