A Beautiful Cavity

Due to major network issues, I was not able to post this earlier after my appointment, but here is the update none the less 🙂 

I had my office hysteroscopy earlier on today and all seems to be well after the laparoscopy and hysteryscopy.  In fact the divine Dr V told me that I have a “beautiful cavity” (my heart went flippity flop at those words!!) My tubes and ovaries are good and my uterus looks like it is supposed to – beautiful and pink and shiny and ready to house a visitor for a good 40 weeks….

IVF # 1 is a go!!!


3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Cavity

  1. Pleased you have a beautiful cavity!! I just knew you would, you look like a beautiful cavity kinda girl.

    I actually was in London today and it was cold!!


  2. Hey B! Beautiful cavity kinda girl – I like it 😉 Ooi, our weather was exactly like London – cold and mizzy! Today as well 😦 I hope it warms back up again soon!

    Charne – thanks – me too!!!


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