Hope has many definitions, but to me, an infertile it is more than just a word with a definition…

Hope allows me to think about the amazing possibilities of this journey we call infertility.  I still cannot actually believe that we are embarking on the IVF road.  It is beeg, very very beeg.  But as soon as I catch myself thinking of the beegness and the possible pitfalls, I take a deep breath and allow hope to shine through… cos this has to be a conscious decision, to allow hope to shine through.

Hope allows me to think about how happy our families will be when we announce that we are indeed pregnant.  Hope allows me to start thinking about what we are going to name our children.  Hope allows me to wonder whether I will suffer from morning sickness or not.  Hope allows me to imagine how my tummy will look once it is swollen and full of life.  Hope allows me to imagine the feelings and emotions of actually feeling that first flutter of life inside my belly.  Hope, hope is what gets me through each and every day of this journey.

Hope is addictive and I am well on my way to being a junkie.


5 thoughts on “Hope

  1. i pray that you will indeed become a hope junkie!!!

    hope does keep us going… hold onto your hope, and hold onto your faith… and always remember that nothing is impossible with GOD… he is your father and loves you and knows the deep desires of your heart.. He hears your prayers my friend, turn to Him for help when you feeling down and may His comfort bring you peace



  2. Stunning post Sam! Thanks for reminding me to keep Hope alive. Without hope and faith we are doomed. I hope your IVF is successful!

    btw my appointment’s on the 19th!



  3. What a beautiful post, you have reminded me why I need to have hope because as an infertile I know how hard it is to always have hope and believe in the process so thank you for that.

    My husband is always telling me that if we don’t have hope then we have nothing, I pray that hope keeps you company during your IVF, we’ll be here hoping for you too!!

    Not long to go, good luck with the BCP 😉


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