21 days of…

… birth control starts today!  I am so excited that I am only 21 days away from starting stims for my FIRST and hopefully last IVF… I know I seriously sound like a newbie barbie but I just cannot help myself!

It seems like all we have been through in the last 4 years is finally going to be behind us.  I know that I need to take this each day as it comes, and I know that it is not going to be a walk in the park, but I am hopeful that this will be it for us at last.  Because I kinda have to hope against all hope that we’ll be one of the blessed ones who have IVF #1 end with happy news and joy. 


4 thoughts on “21 days of…

  1. Oh no, its the end of a beautiful friendship…..Newbie Barbie & Veteran Barbie don’t get on!! Oh ok, we’ll buck the trend!

    21 days and counting….good luck hun.


  2. Running right behind you…28 days before dropping the last BCP.

    My friend…I really, really hope this will be your miracle! In an ideal world we’ll be able to share the whole childbearing experience.

    May this be it for us both! Pray, pray, pray…



  3. B!!! We have to buck the trend – sometimes newbie barbie and veteran barbie get along and find a connection – but only if newbie barbie is as cool as I 😉 Thanks for the luck wishes!

    Mands – thanks for the hope for me my friend! It means the world to me…

    Super M – yeah, we are close close! I will be your cheerleader and you can be mine 🙂 I pray that you will also get your miracle and that we can indeed shar the experience from here on out. I am on my knees daily. Email me your exact dates and I will get you added to our prayer list we got going…


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