Double Barrel

Since I got married just under 4 years ago, I had many people ask me about my double barreled last name (Curley-Young)

Initially many people commented on on how different my last name is and asked about the origin of my husbands family.  I would then explain that I have a double barrel last name made up of my maiden name and my hubby’s name.  A lot of people do not understand this at all, they think I am a strange person (no arguements there), stupid (my IQ tests state the oppsite actually), a “burn my bra” feminist (to a certain extent guilty) and some have even commented that I do not hold the marriage we entered into in high regard cos I have blatantly gone against tradition of changing my name to my hubby’s (what a load of bollocks).

I love my husband, I love his family, I am blessed to have been accepted by them and to have become a part of the Young clan.  But I also love my family, and I think that Cliff loves my family too and is blessed to have been accepted by them and to have become a part of our nutty clan.  My family have shaped me as a person and are a very vital part of my daily life.  So why should I have to forget that and give up my heritage just because I met, fell in love with and decided to share my life with someone else? 

Now before anyone gets their knickers in a knot, I am not for one minute saying that taking your partner’s name is wrong or lame or doff or anything.  What I am saying is that for me, I really could not do it.  Our family name on our side of the family dies out with my sister and I.  (Our cousin has managed to continue the Curley legacy so it won’t die out completely just yet) I wanted to let my parents know that I am grateful to them for what they made me – loud, confident, opinionated, loyal, honest, empathetic, stubborn, impatient etc etc and that moving into the next phase of my life did not mean that I had forgotten who I am.  

Thankfully I have a husband who really does not stress about this.  Our children will be “Youngs”.  I am still his wife, what my id book says my last name is does not veto that fact (even though I am sure that there are times that he wishes it did, I can be a very embarrasing wife to have at times 😉 ).  If someone calls me Mrs Young I answer them, if the call me Mrs Curley-Young I answer them, I even get called Mrs Curley at times and yes I answer to that too… I guess what I am trying to say in a very convoluted round about way, is that in my mind a “rose by any other name is just as sweet”…

What do you guys think?

5 thoughts on “Double Barrel

  1. Well i think its great that you kept your surname, but i understand why some people dont agree… but its a personal choice and your reasons make perfect sense! Your parents must be so honoured that you kept your surname

    I took my hubbys surname 9 years ago, but i have still never changed my ID book, its still in my maiden name! Now tell people that and they get their knickers in a knot about that to 🙂 Just home affairs is always so busy and i have no patience to stand in that que!!


  2. Hi Sam!!!

    Well if my surname was Curley I would so keep it!!! It’s got a nice posh ring to it!!! If I had to keep my maiden name my surname would be…………. Versfeld-Kruger. Sounds awful!!! (I’m not as proud of my surname) I say bugger the rest and do what you want.



  3. I was so distraught about getting married, for no other reason than my name dies out…like NOW!! only problem I had was my maiden name was St.anding and I am now a Co.oper…the 2 don’t fit together that well, so I had to ditch the past, have a sniffle and move on. I dont blame you though, they go together well.


  4. I’ve never thought of the surname thing as a big deal at all. I took my husbands, but I wouldn’t have cared if he’d taken mine (which he offered!, but his is shorter and easier to spell) or if we’d both gone for something else.



  5. I don’t believe that the surname makes the person. I think it’s a personal choice. I took my husbands surname, as with my adoption I had so many surname so it really didn’t matter.


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