Yeah Baby, Yeah!!

Yesterday was a big day for us.  We had our follow up appointment with our divine Dr V and we are now on the baby track y’all! 

We started our appointment looking at a perfect uterus, perfect tubes and perfect ovaries – needless to say they did not belong to me… Then Dr V popped in my dvd and sjoe, my insides were a mess people.  Even this untrained eye could see that they were not looking hawt!  I could immediately spot the scarring from the endometriosis and could see how damaged my poor ovaries were – no wonder the poor things can’t work right on their own *sniff sniff*  I also noticed the septum straight away and it was beeg, very very beeg!  Then he showed me how he blasted the endo, made my ovaries reasonably pink and shiny again and gave us our options:

1.   Option one was to heal, do a medicated timed cycle, PCT and IUI (nearly laughed in his face but caught myself in time and pretended to cough instead)

2.   IVF # 1 – Cliff and I looked at each other and nearly burst into song Austin Powers style but then we said “well doc we think that is our only option at this stage as the 10 million 5 IUI’s have not worked for us before and we have no faith that they will work now, and as much as we know IVF is NO guarantee, that is our choice thanks you very much”  Tra la la!!

So, we are on track for IVF #1, I have to finish the estrofem (done with it today) and the Provera (done with it on Thursday), wait for my dear friend Aunt Flo to come and visit, have CD 2 scan & bloods, start birth control on said day 2 (am I the only person who still can’t get her head around the fact that birth control plays such an important role in gearing oneself up for possible fertility?), go in for office hysterscope on the 21st April and then get cracking with the IVF protocol…

I did mention that I have identical twins in my family tree and our wonderful doc said if you end up with triplets we’ll deal with it.  Apparently they don’t suggest elective reduction (which I personally cannot ever see myself going for unless there is a seriously good reason) as it could put the other two at risk.  Our lovely Dr mentioned that over stimulation could happen due to my PCOS, but that it was his job not to let that happen, and that he could say happily that he had this under control (I could kiss this man!!). 

The one thing that he mentioned that put a huge little stab of fear in my heart was that PCOS patients have a high miscarriage rate – 25 – 30%!  Those stats are a little high for my liking but I will continue to be positive and trust that God knows what he is doing in this process.

All in all a good day, with a good plan of action in place, with a good positive vibe in our hearts 🙂



7 thoughts on “Yeah Baby, Yeah!!

  1. Whoo hoo! Bring on the big guns!

    GO BIG OR GO HOME! Greek style TTC!

    *Fumbling through papers…*

    Me doing 2 x cycles BCP…CD2 arrives round 16 May for me! Seems like ur going to be a bit ahead of me!


  2. Yeah i agree enough of the IUI’s already lets move on to the big one! I really hope this is it and that this IVF will bring you your little bundle of joy!

    I cant get my head around BCP either, but i guess we have to listen to our very knowledgable FS….

    Thinking of you….



  3. Super M – I know I actually said to Dr V – we’re going big or we’re going home – he hosed himself!!! Yeah just a little before you cos the estrofem & provera are acting as my first month of BCP – finally caught a break 🙂

    Charne – thanks hon! I hope it will too… Listening to FS’s is the way to go it seems…


  4. I love plans, plans are good!! So glad you are on the track now….I want to see you screaming through the finish line with a live baby or 2.

    Welcome to the IVF funny farm hun! x


  5. Hey Sammie!

    Sounds great hon! So glad you are doing this, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I really hope this IVF results in a baby or two! Don’t worry too much about the m/c rate, just concentrate on your positive outcome, and God will take care of the rest. You are safe in His hands.



  6. It’s great to know that there is a plan for you. I truly hope that the IVF is a success and that the results will make you very happy. Focus on the positive and let God handle the rest. He, who brings you to it, will bring you through it.

    Your in my thoughts


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