Which area? And other news…

We are considered part of the other area, load shedding commenced this morning at 06h00… so we are officially part of the morning load shedding brigade.

Went to see Sleeping Beauty at the theatre today, it was stunning.  The sets were amazing, the costumes sublime and the ballet beautiful.  Tomorrow is the Jhb meet day for the Fertilicare ladies, and I am looking forward to it – I just hope that the weather plays along 🙂

Time to go and read my new book!


3 thoughts on “Which area? And other news…

  1. I’m assuming load shedding is the equivalent of what they call brown outs here 🙂

    Hope it’s not too much of an inconvenience,



  2. Load shedding makes my head spin…..they’d call it a reason to complain here!! Sounds like it’s a good excuse to get cosy with the hubby though. Enjoy the book.


  3. Hey G – yeah that would be brown outs – we used to call them black outs in SA but then we got into trouble – can’t call them black 😉 So now they are power cuts or load shedding…

    B – there are loads of complaints about it here too believe me, I just choose to see the positive in it… I hate it when ppl slate my country! I’m proudly South African 🙂 Can you tell? Book was good – finished it in one day!!


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