Power O.U.T

I’m a bit confused.  According to Eskom the area that I live in is supposed to experience load shedding on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights from 18h00 to 22h00. (For non Saffers, load shedding is our power suppliers way of “saving” power due to increased demand in our country which they failed to prepare for, they have a schedule issued and they regularly “cut” the power to suburbs in order to back up power for future use and to help ease pressure from the nation on our power stations)

Imagine my surprise when on Tuesday morning we woke up to no electricity… While a little annoying it really did not cause too much stress and we went about our business as normal… Cue heading home on Tuesday evening trying to remember if I had enough candles to light up our lives for the night and again imagine my surprise walking through the door to a house full of live wires and working lights…  Not to be deterred we THINK we have it figured out… our area borders another really small area and we think we are on their grid… Luckily for us the other area (which is a total of 2 blocks) has load shedding on Tuesday and Saturday mornings only, so the real test of our theory will be tomorrow morning when we see if we are powerless or not. 

In a way I am secretly hoping that we are on the other area’s schedule as it is MUCH more convenient for us than our actual area’s schedule, but on the other hand a little part of me also wishes for our proper schedule as it really forces Cliff and I so talk more effectively (not just while the ad breaks are on during our favourite shows) and to just do non electrical things like play cards, wrestle with the dogs on the floor and perhaps find some time to wrestle with each other as well 😉

 Last night we went to a friends house for dinner and they were load shed, we had a stunning time eating by candlelight (thanks to other mates who also attended and who live literally 5 houses away and have a gas stove – they warmed the meal for us) with lots of laughter and fun. 

Call me an idealist but I really have found the silver lining in the load shedding cloud that hangs over us, better communication, getting back to the “traditional” family values and good old sex…

The weird thing is that one of my single guy mates last night told us he was adamant that there would be a baby boom during this time of load shedding (wagging his eyebrows suggestively at Cliff and I *sigh*) and all I could think was  “Yeah I bet there will be… lets hope the boom extends to my petri dish in the lab…”


4 thoughts on “Power O.U.T

  1. Super M, I am also happy if the laod sheds don;t extend to the incubators! I like the idea of petri dish booms as well – from your lips to Gods ears 🙂


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