April Fool!!!


Were I too see this today, I would always wonder if the cosmos was playing the most horrendous April Fools joke on me… Alas this is NOT my picture at all BUT I do hope to have one like it in the future…

Happy April Fools Day!


7 thoughts on “April Fool!!!

  1. That’s not funny, geez man – I nearly crapped my pants (in a good way of-course!! :))

    Just checking in you and hoping that you are doing well.

    Much love,
    Tam xxx


  2. I want one!!! I thought my HPT might just might play a positive trick on me this morning, but alas no…sigh. Lets hope we see one from you soon.


  3. B – I want one for you too!!!! Bloody HPT’s *snarl*

    Tam – sorry I nearly made you crap your pants (in a good way)! Rest assured that the next time I post a pic like this one it will be MINE 🙂


  4. Hi Sam!

    I read this yesterday! Very very funny by the way! I thought of doing the same thing, but could’nt get it over my heart to do that to my sister. I don’t think she would have ever forgiven me for it!


  5. My heart skipped a beat when i saw that pic!!! i got excited and then realised you taking the mickey out of us!!

    ok i am going to lurk around this blog until i see a real 2 line photo been posted :)) hopefully soon!


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