Bored Yet?

I fear I am becoming a dreadful bore. 

All I have in my head at this stage is the when question. When am I going to stop feeling so tired?  When will those delightful yellow bruises in my belly button on on top of my va jay-jay go away?  When I see the doc for the follow up I wonder when he will start me on the stims for this IVF?  When will I start the stims? When should I expect to have my ER?  When should I know if I am finally pregnant? When I am pregnant, how many RL friends should I tell?  When?  When? When?  AAARRGGGHHH!  I am so boring I am driving myself masugar!!!

And on top of this, I cannot seem to stand the sight of my poor husband.  He told our family on Sunday that I am a tad hormonal – Ouch!  If I am bad on JUST estrofem can you possibly imagine how bad I might be when I start “proper” meds?  The poor man! NO! Poor me! Asshole!  Who the heck does he think he is telling ppl I am hormonal – he wants hormonal, I’ll give him hormonal… 

Yes, sadly that is what I have become in the last few days…

A dreadful harridan of hormal boringness.


4 thoughts on “Bored Yet?

  1. HI

    Updated the blog with the news…

    I used to get so mad with DH told me I was hormonal. Even without the drugs and I’m a cow on a good pms day and he asks if I’m being a cow cause I’m hormonal…I want to hurt him…I want him to see what hormonal ladies do to men who ask if they are hormonal…

    Strangely enough, I had one of those moments today!


    That is why we have to under go the hormones and drugs and they don’t…We are the stronger sex!


  2. Well you know, there’s not much that go wrong with a two wheeled push bike…we intricate beings on the other hand…we have a lot of wires that can cross.

    BTW…I think Cliff might have a point… 🙂 He, he…


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