Side Effects?

According to Dr Google I should expect the following side effects (if any) from taking estrofem:

  • breast tenderness
  • nausea
  • headaches
  • spotting or strange bleeding

For the record I am suffering from none of the above (which I reckon must be a good thing cos the only cases it occured in was in menopausal women), I have however had one side effect that is not listed on the world wide web – odd dreams…

Now you all might be thinking – what kind of odd dreams?  Alas I cannot say that I am now dreaming overtly sexual mind boggling dreams filled with technicolour swirls and “Sugar man” renditions echoing in the background, but they have been rather odd of late… 

Take last night for instance – I was working for Branglelina (think I was some kind of administrative assistant or something) and was around for the birth of her twins (or singleton depending on what gossip mag you have read recently).  I lived with them in a palatial presidential suite which had elephants (a la Sun City’s Lost Palace) growing out of the walls…  Angie loved me SO much that she agreed to fund as many IVF’s as I needed as long as I used Brads sperm (hmmmm, he does have good sperm so maybe this might not have been such a bad condition, mind you think Cliff might have had a little issue with this…) Oh, and Brad – he totally thought I ROCKED! 🙂

The night before I was developing super sanitary pads that did not yield the disgust factor to those forced to use them post operatively. Odd indeed!

Cannot wait to see what my decidedly strange brain dreams up tonight…


2 thoughts on “Side Effects?

  1. Hi Sam!

    Funny Post!!! I love Brad *melt*.

    Wishing you all the best for your 1st IVF, I hope it happens 1st time for you and that your struggles and heartaches will be a thing of the past!



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