Sore, Swollen & Positive…

I got to the hospital at 12h00 yesterday, was given a bed, changed into those delicious hospital gowns and settled in to wait for my turn in the theatre.  The nurses were great but I did have to mention that I thought it was a bit nasty to have the tea & coffee station next to my bed – I had not eaten since 06h00 and by that time my tummy was growling and I was severely craving a cup of tea 😉

I was the last patient of the day, so only got into theatre at 16h30, (wanted to eat my arm by that stage of the day).  Dr V was such a honey, he held my hand until I was out for the count and the anesthetist is my hero – no narness or strange after feelings from the anesthetic.  The laparoscopy and hysteroscopy went well. I am a little sore and swollen today, with a tiny bit of shoulder pain, but am really happy that I am not half as sore as I was with my last lap.

Results of the lap as follows:

My ovaries were stuck to the peritoneal (? think that is what Dr V said was still a bit out of it) wall and Dr V could not release the left one but managed to work the right one free. Apparently this was caused by endometriosis and my last lap… He also had to remove a septum from my usterus.  He basically told me that I have to get pregnant sooner rather than later cos if I don’t my chances reduce dramatically. I had to throw the BCP away (yay) and am now taking estrofem twice a day until 3rd April and then have to team it up with provera from the 4th April till the 08th April, then provera only on the 09th and 10th. We have our follow up appointment with Dr V on the 07th where he wants to go through the operation DVD with us.

So IVF # 1 is on course! I must admit that I am little scared that this is all moving so fast, but am also really positive about the course of action.  I have to believe with all my heart that IVF #1 will work and that I will soon be pregnant with my baby(s). 

So, if any of you pray, please send one up for Cliff and I… it would be much appreciated and I will definitely return the favour!

Time to take a cat nap!


3 thoughts on “Sore, Swollen & Positive…

  1. Yipee, so exciting that you starting your first IVF soon… i really hope this will be your time and that you will be holding your little baba soon!

    Thinking of you



  2. Lots of prayers on my side!

    I would be in a bit of shock if I were you…things are really progressing quite fast, but I’m sure this is the right thing to do.

    Best of luck my friend….thinking of you.

    I’m off to c the doc @ 11am…bit apprehensive, but what needs to be done, needs to be done.


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