Crazy things you have done?

I was thinking about some of the crazy things I have done in my life last night, and actually really miss the wild child that I used to be… I have white water rafted, sky dived, bungee jumped, go carted  and canopy toured.   

I used to be completely open to many different things and was willing to try anything at least once.  I am forced to admit that I have grown up of late… In a way I am glad that I have grown up, I am more ready now to be a Mom than I would have been a few years ago (putting oneself in danger is not a good way to stay a Mom if you are one), I have matured and think more carefully about decisions I make in life.   I appreciate the simpler things in life more and am not always thinking of the next trill ride to get my kicks…. BUT, on the other hand I miss that girl too…

When I first decided to sky dive I was a tender 17 year old but I was fully into it.  I had to get my parents to sign an indemnity (Mom freaked, Dad was kinda proud of me), it took some convincing but I managed to get their signatures and did my first tandem jump.  It was like nothing on earth!  The hot cramped plan ride up to altitude, the buffeting noise when the plane door whips open, the cold that carresses you tightly stealing the blush your cheeks held just moments ago from the heat, the fear of thinking “Oh shit, what am I doing?”.  The concentration of shuffling forward to the door and praying that you don’t forget what to do…  Words cannot describe seeing the horizon come level with your eyes while the wind blows so hard your cheeks feel like they are being sucked into your brain.  The free fall is the most free you will ever feel, the canopy ride to the ground is an almost sacred time – you have time to think, take it all in and feel the sun hit your skin…  Aw man, I was HOOKED.  I often think to myself that what I felt sky diving must be what addicts feel – that rush, the feeling of being completely alive and free – except with my rush I never had that sickening paranoid “come down”.  I went on to complete a further 8 sky dives, then the club where I lived closed down and I stopped jumping.  My heart broke.  I often think back to that time and want to go back and take that ride again and again….

A few years ago, while on holiday, I decided to do the Bloukrans Bungee.  (The highest in the world – 216 metres) It was a completely spontaneous decision, we had stopped there to check out all the other fools who were jumping off a bridge…. and I said to Cliff, “I wanna do it!”  I lashed out the credit card, he and my mate paid for the walk to the bridge and next thing I knew I was being strapped in and briefed for the jump of my life!  I thought I was prepared for this, I mean I had sky dived for heavens sake…. My heart thumped so hard I could practically hear my murmur whispering in my ears, and I will NEVER forget the feeling of that rope being let over the side of the bridge.  It is SO heavy that it literally jerks your bound feet forward, I still think that if those okes had not been holding onto me I would have been pulled over the side way before I was ready.  5..4…3….2….1…. BUNGEE!!! You don’t hear the war cry cos you are so scared, then you are over the edge and again the wind screams in your head – bounce, up again, bounce, swing around, take it all in – experience it all!!!  I was a screamer but that scream that ripped from my throat was PURE JOY!  Ecstasy even! I would do this again in a heart beat!



Then I tried canopy tours while on conference at my old job.  AWESOME!  Ravening on zip lines across gorges above tree tops is just something you have to experience.  You control your speed and the views are amazing!  The staff at canopy tours are so divine…. It was such a good experience I had to take Cliff and some mates back to celebrate his 2006 birthday.  Not one person did not love this trill ride!



I guess that girl is still part of me, I just need to remember she exists and let her loose more often… 🙂

What crazy things have you chaps done in your lifetime?


3 thoughts on “Crazy things you have done?

  1. You little daredevil you!

    Not much of an adrenaline junkie myself…much prefer sipping a cup of tea…or cruising around with the fish in the sea…otherwise, like my feet planted firmly on the ground.

    M 🙂


  2. Wow that sounds amazing!!!

    I would love to do it! We’ve just been so strapped with time it’s scary. I would love to do all of it except the skydiving (A friend of ours died while skydiving). But I must say I’m also an adrenaline junkie!!! Good on you for actually doing it!



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