Ok, I guess…

The follow up appointment could have been worse… but I am somehow left feeling a bit miserable after it.

Overview as follows:

  • GTT came back fine
  • Not immune to German Measles – had the innoculation 3 weeks back to sort this one out
  • High testosterone levels and low sex globine (? think this is the right name) levels
  • AMH = 10.8 – SO confirms the PCOS diagnosis
  • HSG did not have any fill and spill (see I was right in my diagnosis) and the edges were “fuzzy”

At this point of the appointment Dr V told me that I had 3 options:

  1. Re-invent the wheel (not keen on this – feel like time is ticking away merrily!)
  2. Go for a lap and see why the HSG was “fuzzy” before doing IVF (seemed like the best option at this stage of the appointment)
  3. Go straight onto an IVF cycle (not recommended by Dr V and I also don’t want to go ahead without knowing all is in order body wise and also do not want to waste any money)

I then told him that I was STILL bleeding after the HSG and that between all the spotting and bleeding of late I have now been bleeding for 47 days (YIKES!!!!).  Into the scan room I marched, pants off, bum up and got ready for dildo cam.  Dr V confirmed that the bleeding is coming from the uterus, and then lo and behold saw that my endometrium is thicker!!!  It is now at an impressive 9.3 mm!!!  He was naturally rather confused *sigh* will my body ever do what it is supposed to?  He also picked up what seems to be a corpus luteum on my RHS….

SO now the plan is as follows – urgent bloods were done this morning, dependant on the results of these bloods I am to go back to the clinic and have an endometrial biopsy to clear the endometrium once and for all…

Now I am just waiting for that call…. *sigh*

On the hubby front we had better news – the man produced 39 million swimmers in 3 mg of spunk.  He had a 2% morphology, 30% motility and 30% survival rate.  So while it seems that he is in the low fertility range considering the volume of boys he has, effectively we still have 9 million boys to work with when all we need is 100 000 for fertilization.

Ring phone dammit, ring!  This waiting is killing me!


4 thoughts on “Ok, I guess…

  1. Phew ok, so the plot thickens…let us know how the endometrial shedding goes…suppose lap is the next course of action, after the endometrial biopsy results…

    Oi! Sam, this sucks! At least the problem seems clearly apparent…and not the dreaded “unexplained inferility”…

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you…hang in there girl!


  2. Hi Sam,

    Couldn’t wait to get back to find out your results!

    Shame hon, I wish the news was more positive today. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I know it’s difficult, but all is not lost. Things will work out in the end, we just have to stand frm in our faith.

    (((BIG HUGS)))



  3. Thanks so much for the support girls – it means more than you will ever know! I am doing fine – a lot to process but like I said in my last post – I have a solid plan, I have to just take it one step at a time and work methodically from there!

    You girls rock! I love ya!


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