And the plot thickens…

… so my bloods came back and my estrogen levels are way low (160) and my progesterone is also very low (9.6), thus I found myself raring off to clinic for the second time in one day for an endometrial biopsy.  That was a bit uncomfortable to say the least and now I have some bad cramps but will be just fine and dandy after a glass of wine – oh shit, I don’t drink wine any more 😉

The biopsy will be sent away for inspection by laboratory types and I need to book my laparoscopy soon – I am thinking that I will book it for 18th March and just get it over with… we are not going away for Easter anyway so it is not like I would be spoiling any fun to be had if I was still struggling with the gas (hope not cos I heard that this clinic gives you something special to help with that – thank God)

So dear hearts – all is not lost!  There is a plan in place and that is what I wanted right?  A good solid plan that will lead to the Clam 🙂


One thought on “And the plot thickens…

  1. If that Clam only knew how much we’re hoping for him/her, he/she will make his/her appearance really soon!

    But for now, all we can do is patch the holes in the shed…and hope and wait…and hope some more…and hope the weather does not turn bad during our patchwork…and hope and wait some more…and pray for sunny clam-making weather!


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