Good, Better but not my Best

Thanks to Super M, I am now gingerly rubbing my behind cos she very firmly gave me a boot there to get me out of my neurotic state of mind which I found myself in yesterday 🙂

Today I am doing much better, in fact I am pretty good, but not at my best.  Yet another late night last night – met two amazing girl friends for dinner and ended up chatting to the wee hours over coffee, they are true gems in my life and one of them is leaving on a jet plane tomorrow night to teach in South Korea!  Boy am I going to miss her! *SOB* 

I am looking forward to the appointment tomorrow come what may!  I’m ready to saddle the horse and gallop towards the Clam with all my might and my heart!  Hiho Silver indeed!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Good, Better but not my Best

  1. sad about your friend leaving…not nice…

    Did our first golf day yesterday – I should’ve come to you for pointers!!!!!

    Good luck with the appointment tomorrow



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