Weekend Round Up

I really need a weeked to recover from the weekend 😉  I feel like my weekends of late have been way too busy!  On Saturday we woke up bright and early to get to the shops (disaster, shops on payday weekend – yikes!) to buy a good friend his 40th birthday pressie, then we rushed off to Centurion to my neices school picnic (guess those things are only fun when you have kids there right?) and then rushed back to Paulshoff to have drinks and snacks with said 40 year old.  Got home at about 23h00 and hit the sack straight away!

Sunday morning was up bright and early to go to church (Ps Joseph Prince from Singapore taught on Grace – what an amazing service) and then home to host my family for a braai… All my cousins and my aunts am my family were here and we had chaos reigning for the whole afternoon – it was wonderful!  But yet another really tiring day!

Today we have a huge function at work and while I am supposed to be at home now getting ready to go in a bit later to run it, I have been running around arranging wine deliveries etc cos the client forgot to do it – AARRRGGGHHH!  Typical Monday, but this too shall pass!

One thought on “Weekend Round Up

  1. errrr…hoe haaai…*waving her hands like a hooligan* You can always misplace one of those cases of wine… 13 rockey eve…northcliff..etc…etc…catch my drift…

    …but hen what can a ttc girl do with that after all! … *moping…*


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