Done & Dusted

Well part two of the “plan” has been done and dusted.  HSG over 🙂  what no-one could have prepared me for is the fact that I would run with open arms to Dr Google (fickle tart that I am) and get myself all worked up about what looked normal and what my pictures looked like. 

I stressed myself out cos I could not see my fallopian tubes on the stoopid pictures, and had a bit of an “Aha” moment after my self diagnosis… I mean if my tubes are blocked that would be a pretty good reason for my infertility right?  Right?  What the heck is WRONG with me?  I mean my real life Dr studied for years to be able to interpret the pictures and I think on my first shot that I know what the deal is? Haha, it is actually a comedy of errors.

 So now instead of being stressed out, I am putting my self diagnosis behind me, looking forward to the next step of the plan which is my follow up apppoinment to discuss ALL our results (millions of bloods, semen analysis, HSG etc etc).  I have more faith in my real life doc than Dr Google anyway, cos he has a nice smile and Dr Google, well doesn’t 😉


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