I *heart* words

I have always had a secret desire to write a book (yes, I know!!!) and have to admit that I have a shameless love affair with and of words.  

I love talking them, reading them, spelling them, playing around with them, heck, I just love them to bits and pieces.  In fact I think I love them so much because I am as good with words as I am shocking with numbers (now don’t get me wrong I think numbers are all right – as long as I interact with them on xcel or on a calculator 😉 – but lordy don’t ask me to work out those pesky things in my head cos for sure I will get it wrong! ) but words are the coolest of the cool.

 There are so many ways to express what one feels – and so many words that we use on a daily basis can have several meanings depending on how you construct them and use them grammatically.  And there is nothing quite like using a word to express a feeling or situation… And I am finding more and more that my love of words is not necessarily limited to the English language.  This love is expanded to slang, Afrikaans and African words as well.  A well timed ‘Eish’, ‘Jislaaik’, ‘Haibo’ or ‘I’m the moering’ is just not the same as the English equivalent… which would be something like ‘Yikes’, ‘Gosh’, ‘Oh My’ or ‘I’m very, very cross’.   😉

Yes folks I just love words! 

*Sigh* Maybe one day I will write that book, but for now I’ll happily continue with my love affair from the safety of my laptop keyboard and dream of the day when my words inspire a love affair for someone else…


4 thoughts on “I *heart* words

  1. * !!! shaking head !!!* *ears flapping from side to side* How did I miss this post?

    Girlfriend, you just need to apply your mind to the right topic and you WILL write a great book, no doubt in my mind! Not if, but when…

    I’d be reading it for sure, in fact I’d read a book by you even if it was an ode to toilet paper! You’d be able to make it come alive…so keep flexing those linguistic muscles of yours, and a one two three four…


  2. Aw you making me blush *blushing prettily* thanks for saying you would read my book about bog roll!! Going to make an effort to focus on making this dream a reality this year 🙂


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