Come on Florine

Everybody join in – Come on Florine *sung to the tune of “Come on Eileen”*

I must be allowed a little bit of poetic licence here peeps, cos today is my last day of popping those little blue pills (*winks* nope not Viagra) which are supposed to help me shed my extra thick lining in preparation for my HSG xray…  Now being a planner of all things in life (OK most things in life) I have got a neat little plan of “Florine” action going down.  So the last little blue pill will be consumed tonight with dinner, as I have been told I am to expect Florine to arrive within 5 – 7 days so I have invited her to stay from the 25 Feb onwards which means that I can potentially book the HSG for the 3rd March and then have a follow up appointment with the lovely Dr V on the 5th or 6th March.  THEN the proper POA will be established and we can finally head into the treatment infested waters… G.R.E.A.T Plan, no?

Of course this is highly dependant on Florine finding her way to my home on time, anyone in direct contact with her mind reminding her of the plan?  Cos you know, sometimes the fickle cow forgets… 


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