Monday, Blue Monday…

I feel like I should be sitting in a bluesy jazz club right now, listening to the lament of a red lipped songbird while nursing a drink of hard liquor… “Play it again Sam!”

I am having a blue Monday, mostly because I am feeling really tired today.  Saturday was a flurry of events from dashing to reflex, to rushing to a friend’s birthday lunch (yummy!) to chasing my ass out of my chair to get to a family friend’s afternoon, to do to driving like Schumacher to dinner with the in laws and I think it just caught up with me, I just totally hit the brick wall of a bluesy Monday afternoon and am literally counting the minutes until I can go home.

Think going to gym on my way home will help me stay up for Grey’s and Boston Legal?  Um, maybe not, but I am going to try it out anyway… *YAWN*


2 thoughts on “Monday, Blue Monday…

  1. You got that blues scene across so well, in so little words…I almost lighted a cigarette and started tapping my foot.

    Has anyone ever told you ur really good with words?

    Sing it again songbird!


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