The HSG that wasn’t…

For those of you who read this on the Fertilicare forum, apologies for the repost, but I battled technology yesterday and could not get it up yesterday when I wanted it to appear… !#(()^%%%%$^%^&#@#$@#$

Get up before sparrows fart – check
Go to loo to empty bladder – check
Wipe and see blood – oh shit!
Battle traffic to Sandton – check
Tell doc about blood – check
Have quick scan to see why patient has blood – check
Cancel HSG cos endometrium has thickened since last scan – check

Yep, my body has messed me around yet again! HSG was cancelled, I have to take provera to cause a proper bleed and re-schedule the HSG… Funny thing is that my bloods show that my levels are correct to have the HSG but my nether regions are “bleeding” and despite all of this my endometrium thickened by 2 mm?? WTF???

Right about now I am ready to drop kick Murphy to Timbaktu!!!!


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