Happy V Day!

It is the day of the year that we are told to show our love and express how far this feeling we have goes to our loved ones… so Happy Valentines Day dear hearts!

I must admit to having cynical tendancies on this day of love, flowers and jewels.  Why should we have to show our love to our partners, friends, parents etc on a specific day?  Surely if you love someone you show them the depth of your feelings in some shape and form on a daily basis?  Now before you naysayers slay me alive, I get the whole tradition, I get the story of St Valentine and how the day came to be what it is today, what I don;t get is why we have to spend money on overpriced flowers, special heart shaped jewelery to prove we love our partners. 

To me, showing my love for my husband means cooking him a special dinner, giving him a back rub, picking up the dog crap for him (normally his job – not my favourite cos of my highly developed sense of smell), hugging him for that extra second and giving him a special love filled tickle while laughing hysterically (this drives him to drink  nuts by the way but I cannot stop doing it – EVER!)… 

I don’t know, call me crazy but I would much rather show my love for him on a consistant basis than show him my love on one day cos some old oke called St Valentine said so…

How do you all feel about it?


One thought on “Happy V Day!

  1. Valin what!? We don’t do Valentines…just to be upstream…it started one day about two years ago when we decided to go for dinner and could not find a place to eat ’cause every restaurant was filed up with eager lovers staring passionately into each other’s eyes.

    By random accident I was awarded R2000 on Vtines day for langerie from DH’s online poker winings, to keep me from complaining about his poker habit…needless to say I don’t say anything about it anymore…I quite enjoy the quiet time for myself…but don’t tell him that!

    Agree with you, Vtines is a commercial ‘foefie’ that rarely gets my attention anymore. But then agian I’m happily married, maybe the day is useful to those desperate souls still looking for a mate…


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