So the baby shower was not so bad after all.  In fact if I am 100% honest, it was probably the most boring baby shower I have ever attended – which suited me fine cos of my tender heart.  The guest of honor arrived, hardly greeted anyone, got plonked in the corner and opened her pressies.  What I found so odd was that there was really no interaction with the rest of us at the shower.  She opened pressies and everyone else chatted amongst themselves and did not even “ooh” and “aah” over her pressies?  Weird, just weird. 

Oh, and for the record, WHEN I have my baby shower there better be some action 😉

 My neice got baptised on Sunday and it was SO cute!  She and her friend Lerato are as thick as thieves, and when our pastor asked if there were any brothers or sisters who wanted to be baptised together they immediately shouted out “Us! Us!”  Everyone laughed cos they are so clearly not sisters 😉 but they insisted they were and told Ps Mike “We are sisters in Jesus Pastor”.  TOO CUTE!

We had our appointment @ Vitalab with our new divine doc was yesterday and it was good.  I just love this new doc, he was gentle, understanding and made sure that we knew exactly what he wanted to do and why.  A HUGE change from my previous doc who could not wait to get me out his office so he could move onto his next victim patient.  Anyhoo, he concurred with the PCOS diagnosis and sent me for a few blood tests (seriously I look like a druggie, my arms are bruised from the needles) and I have scheduled my HSG xray for 13th Feb as well.  Darling Cliff needs to get his boyz checked out again and then we can formulate a plan from there… So, right now we are in a holding pattern until such time as we get all the test results back.  The one thing I have learnt from this infertility journey is patience.  Lots and lots of it, cos all we ever seem to do is wait around for things, wait for appointments, wait for blood test results, wait for follow up appointments, wait for the right time to put the plan in action, wait for the results of that plan.  Wait, wait, wait, wait. 

But I have a good feeling about this.  I feel that this is going to be our time and that soon we will be holding our baby(s), and that my dear hearts is what it is all about. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Review

  1. Hey my friend,

    The fitness plan took a serious knock last week with me being so darn sick, am hoping to get my ass back to the gym and onto the squash court with a certain someone soon! Like next week soon, can feel I am still not 100% better but need to get exercising again – have actually missed it this last week and a bit – who would’ve ever guessed?

    Eating is going great! Diet that I was given is not hard to follow and I am not hungry so yes, I am a happy camper right now!


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