I have been obsessing focusing on having a better healthy lifestyle of late, cos by obsessing focusing on this I am shifting the obsession focus from trying to have a baby to being a healthy bunny…

I must admit that so far so good.  I have given up all things caffienated for green tea and water, have stopped consuming alcohol completley and have been eating well.  I have been regularly meeting Gym for 30 – 40 minutes at a time (sometimes Cliff even comes along – shock horror) and am feeling pretty damn good.  I have an appointment with a dietician to increase the general wellness of this new life of Sam… so why the frustration you ask?

Because I decided to play golf yesterday…. which in itself is not a bad thing, I mean I really enjoy my time on the golf course and the sunshine it brings along with it, but yesterday was an exercise in futility. 

For the life of me I could.not.hit.a.ball!!!  My drives off the tee box were wayward and more often than not were finding the rough (which was more like a darn jungle I tell you) and my putting went for a ball of shyte… My pitching was shocking, probably cos I had jungle oats for breakfast and it showed in my shots and well, you get the picture… not my best round of golf ever played. 

Conclusion for the day :

  • 3 x balls lost – one in water, 2 in the jungle rough
  • 2 x balls found – both in the jungle rough, alas not mine, but I took them anyway (hey I figured it was justice)
  • 1 x temper lost at each hole
  • 1 x bad case of sever golfers irritation (I had to stop counting the shots people, that is how bad it got)
  • 1 x HUGE lime and soda at the end of the round to cool off (just NOT the same as a glass of red wine)
  • 1 resolution to hit the driving range a whole lot more in the VERY near future

One thought on “Frustrating!

  1. Ha, ha! Funny bunny! Healthy bunny! ur an allrounder bunny bunny…

    I lost 2 x balls & found 4 balls the last time I played! Two of the balls i found had red markings on them so I presumed I was following the same route than some Golf for Idiots reader that marked his balls for allignment…rather embarrassing…

    DH always gets very irritated when I don’t count my shots…I however deem myself to be a looking to the future type person, not back to the past…I need to get myself a bracelet that can count the shots as I go…otherwise I recall from my rather optimistic memory only the last three shots I played!


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