Pondering Something

Recently I have been thinking about how I can earn a living from home.  As much as my job is not stressful right now (left my last highly stressful job in an attempt to increase my chances of conceiving), I really cannot see myself doing it indefinitely.  I really want to do something that taps into my creativity, that I have fun doing and that can cover my bills. 

I do ceramics and have been thinking A LOT about selling my stuff. BUT, I am not 100% sure that anyone would buy it and I would need to do it piece meal at first while still at a full time job to ensure that I can earn enough to pay the bills… 

Here are some of my pieces:

img_0257-2.jpg   img_0255-2.jpg


I need honesty from you my friends in blogesphere!

What you say?  Would you as consumers buy my stuff???


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