I am feeling exhausted. 

And I am solely to blame for this feeling… I had a heck of a weekend 🙂  Thanks to load shedding and non working generators at work, I left work on Friday at 13h00 – BONUS!  Friday night was a friend’s birthday party at Da Vincenzo’s and we had a great time with yummy food.  Then my friend wanted to go out dancing – ooi.  Said friend and I are Tequila Buddies, and going out to dance = a few tequila’s right?  Wrong!  We ended up at Vacca Matta (which has clearly been replaced by some other club type place as the place to be) and the crowd headed to the bar… This is a brief overview of the convo that followed:

“What you having Sam? 

A lime & soda please.

And?  What else you going to have???

Just a lime & soda please. ”  Cue horrified looks from general crowd and barman…

Have you ever noticed that when one decides to not drink it is everyone else who has the real problem with you not drinking???  But I digress…

Said party at VM came to an end at 03h30 when they kicked us out – and just for the record staying out till 3h30 and still having fun is possible without tequila or red wine 😉  I drove the birthday girl home and tumbled into bed at 04h20!  Had to get up bright and early to meet another friend for breakfast at 2nd Cup, got busy with shopping and planning a few ceramic masterpieces and then had to get ready for the Crocodile Rock at the Elton John concert last night.   The concert was fabulous!  Elton is my new musical hero!  And his conductor like finger pointing to thank us for our adulation after his songs still cracks a smile on my face…  Yet another late night – home and in bed by 24h00… Up early to get to church this morning in weather that makes me want to quack…

So yep, feeling pretty exhausted today!  Time for a snooze on the couch…. I can hear the cushion calling!


2 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. Good on you for not drinking ;o) Very well done, I must say that I don’t think I could do it in a club.

    You must be exhausted but hey, we’re young and have lots of life to live so we’d better enjoy it!!

    Love Tam xxx


  2. Haha Tam! You right but I must admit I am not as young as I used to be – took me a while to recover without a hang over so I can just imagine how long it would have taken me if I ended up being the Tequila Queen of the night – LOL!!!


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