Day One of the No Wine Sam

Today marks the day that I try and say Auwederzen to Wine…  I have slowly over the last 11 days been trying to wean myself off my daily intake, and having finished the last of the open bottle in the fridge last night decided not to have temptation present by not opening another one.

 So far so good 😉 

Feel free to kick me in the hind quarters if I deviate!


One thought on “Day One of the No Wine Sam

  1. Hi Sam!

    Good luck with you new alcoholic free decision! It’s been hectic for me, although I’m not addicted perse, but definitely dependent. A glass of wine at the end of a loong day has always been my reward for making it through the jhb traffic, it’s been hard going especially eating out and sunday lunches with my family. B ut I think it is a wise decision nontheless taking into account our health and other issues.



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