The Deed is Done…

Well it is done! I made the call and I am now set to see Dr V on the 06th Feb @ 10h00… Happy, excited, a teensy bit scared, nausious and cross eyed (the last due to the fact that I have left my glasses at home and my greens are not used to looking at the screen without aid these days 😉 )

So the deed has been done and I am ready for a year of victory!

 Need to write a post about the funk I have been in and the pep talk I got from my beauty therapist to get me out of it… Will work on that later today 🙂 


3 thoughts on “The Deed is Done…

  1. Thanks Girls, I am also quite excited and have already started drawing up my list of quetions 🙂 Thanks for being here for me during this exciting time!


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