I was told to move offices today, which is fine cos our whole department is moving offices, the only problem is that should I have packed my box and moved today I would have been 1. PC -less and 2. Chair-less… Not a good plan Stan!  You see since starting work here I have been squatting in an office in another department (my employment here was not a planned thing, I was merely here as a consultant to set up a department, then whoops they needed someone to run said department and hence my move from contracted consultant to permanent employee) and using their desk, chair and PC to do my daily stuff…

So when I was ordered asked by ADD boy (not meant to be completely politically incorrect or anything but he really is…) to move my things I naturally asked whether the new office would have a desk, chair and PC for me to use.  I was told to take my current chair and PC with me… W.E.L.L.  Clearly it is not understood that the equipment that I am using does not belong to our department and thus I am not able to move it with me… I think I need to draw pictures cos still to this minute ADD boy does not get this concept and still expects me to move to the new office by COB today… Does anyone spot the mistake here?

Added to that, I refuse to move to an office where I do not have a PC cos that would mean that I would be disconnected (in a very real very scary way) from my new “actual” job of reading blogs and chatting to my fabulous online friends (I mean really, what do they think that I am paid to work here or something? ;))

Anyway, ADD boy is being a total a-hole about the whole move or not to move saga and I just cannot be bothered to pander to him anymore today…

Talk to the hand buddy boy!  Talk to the hand…


2 thoughts on “A-hole!

  1. Too true Elize, some people just don’t get it, but none the less a PC and a chair have been ordered for me and I will soon be moving (maybe in the next week or so) – but then again this is because I spoke to a organised woman about it and not ADD boy 😉


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