How to keep yourself occupied…

I have a love hate relationship with the New Year!  Lurve because it is a new year; which heralds new memories, new experiences, new friends, not too much traffic around Jhb and renewed determination… Hate because it is normally a really Q.U.I.E.T time at work, not much is going down at the office at this time of year people, this leads to boredom and sleepiness, hence how do you keep yourself occupied at work on a boring Friday?? 

Hmmm well let me just say that this is an ART (for once I do not mean assisted reproductive technique {laughing at ones own genius :)})  There are 2 Rules that one has to ahere to though…

Rule # 1 – as sleepy as the boredom makes you – NO sleeping and drooling on the desk allowed – under any circumstances….

Rule # 2 – always look like you are earning your January paycheck…

These are a few items that I have found useful to wile the time away:

  • Chat to everyone you know about how they spent their previous evening
  • Make rooibos (trying to give up coffee) in the kitchen and chat to everyone about how they spent their previous evening
  • Send arbitary emails to your other half until they get bored with you and don’t bother to answer back (damn you)
  • Drink LOADS of water – the resulting loo stops eat up quite a bit of time
  • Refile that filing you did in December (cos you know you might have messed it up first time round)
  • Read every single infertility blog that anyone has ever written 
  • Text your mates so see who responds, get a text convo going down (this is quite fun especially if you have a text bundle on your contract)
  • Update your diary with all birthdays, anniversaries etc
  • Write a VERY arbitary blog post about all the really meaningless things you have been doing that day to make the time wile away

Um, if I come up with any more REALLY interesting ones, I will be sure to let you know… only 2 and a half hours more to fill……


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