2008 is off with a Bang!

As it is a new year (where did the time go?) I thought I would create a “proper” blog… I never think of myself as technically challenged, but man this is a little more intricate than I imagined it would be… Me thinks that I will need to play around a lot more on the site and get myself more blog savvy before I advertise this site too much 😉

Ah well, here is to 2008, this year holds much promise and many plans in it’s palm, I only hope that it can live up to the expectations I have for it…


2 thoughts on “2008 is off with a Bang!

  1. Hey!

    I only discovered your blog now! Good going girl!! Looks great man! Anyway as for being blog savvy, I’m just as much in the dark. I’m married to a very clever techno junkie, so he ALWAYS helps me, he has no choice, if he takes a bit long to sort out a problem, I just whine and whine until he gives in. Poor bloke!! At the moment, my widgets are giving me problems, I can’t add more or even edit the current ones aaargh!



  2. Thanks Elize! I was a bit scared to get it going properly but I have done it now and am sticking to it 😉 I am still trying to figure out how to get photo’s loaded that don’t take up the whole of cyber space, but I will get there one day!


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